We love to hear from parents and kids who use and enjoy the Coach EatRight program! Here are a few of the latest testimonials.


After taking my six-year-old son and nine-year-old daughter to a Coach Eatright event, I was so impressed with what they learned. They both came home and started keeping track of their food. We kept markers on the kitchen table, and they kept track of not only what they were eating, but how much they were eating. Not only did it teach about correct portions, but what foods fall into what food groups, what foods were unhealthy, and the benefits of eating healthy foods.

I think what I like best about the Coach EatRight program is that is covers so many different areas of nutrition and eating habits: the benefits choosing the right foods, the benefit of exercising daily, and drinking plenty of water. The books are a wonderful tool for explaining to children how "bad" foods can make you feel, and why a healthy diet is so important. They are very well written, and my kids enjoyed reading them with me.

I would highly recommend the program to anyone who wants to encourage and teach the importance of healthy diet and exercise to their children, in a way they will interact with and learn from.

Allison T. Walsh

With so many mixed messages out there about health and nutrition, Coach EatRight makes it fun, easy to understand, and age appropriate. The workshop was very educational for both my children and myself as it was the first time I had been informed about food portions for a younger age group.

Thanks to Coach EatRight's fun approach, my kids have a sense of what they should be eating, and the importance of exercise and drinking water. They love the Coach EatRight books -- my five year old has asked me to read them repeatedly. I cannot think of a better way to incorporate the importance of nutrition at such a young but critical age. I am confident that Coach EatRight will provide a foundation for years to come.


Maggie Goldberg